Writing: Inspiration – Word Prompts

Howdy Hey,

Welcome to my first discussion post on writing. I am currently writing a YA fantasy novel featuring the 7 deadly sins and as I go through this process I thought I would post some discussions. This week I would like to talk about finding inspiration in word prompts.

I think word prompts are a brilliant tool whether you use them to write a scene, chapter, short story or a novel, if you find it hard to find inspiration they can be incredibly useful! In all honesty I don’t tend to use them very often but the reason I wanted to discuss them was because it was a random word prompt that inspired the novel I am currently working on.

Word prompts can be incredibly useful if you are in the midst of writers block, they could inspire a scene or some dialogue and I find that even if the scene that comes to mind has no relation to the project you’re working on it can really help clear the cobwebs away and open the creative flood gates! Also if the scene that comes to mind doesn’t fit in your current project there’s nothing to stop it from starting a great new idea for you to work on at a later date. Anything that can help get your back on track is worth looking into.

My 8 year old sister is quite into writing stories and so for her birthday I brought her some story dice and I think this is a great way to get her mind working. If you have not seen these it is a set of dice with pictures on each side you roll as many as you want and make a story from all the pictures that come out. I was tempted to get some for myself and I really recommend them to parents with children who enjoy writing as they are a lot of fun!

I found the prompt that inspired my novel on Pinterest but there are also websites and forums where you can take part in weekly word prompt challenges and I think this is one of things to do when you’re feeling creative but don’t want to work on a particularly big project. It is also a brilliant way to talk to others who also love writing.

Do you use word prompts?
What is the last prompt you used?

2 thoughts on “Writing: Inspiration – Word Prompts

  1. I’ve never really used prompts before, but I’m not against using them. I think that they’re very helpful when they’re used, but sometimes when I do it causes more of a blockage. It’s weird.


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