Writing: Inspiration -Music

Last week I touched on the subject of getting inspiration from Writing Prompts as that is how I came up with the plot for my current project. This week I’d quite like to discuss finding inspiration from songs.


One Song;

I don’t know if I’m the only one, I’m almost sure I’m not, who see’s scenes play out when they listen to a song. Sometimes it will be scenes from the actual music video but most of the time I will imagine scenes that have never happened but that match perfectly to my idea of the song. Through my teens almost all the novels I started writing were based on songs I had heard and I’d always make sure I had a notebook to hand, especially when listening to music, to jot ideas down. I might listen to a song a thousand times and only get inspiration from it the 1,001st time!
I find songs can be really helpful and useful ways to get inspired. The lyrics can help with scenes you might be struggling with and listening to it a few times over while writing can really help me to get a feel for how my characters might be feeling.



There is no better feeling for me than coming across as song that matches the mood of your book perfectly. I know a lot of people love listening to music while writing and I am one of these people but it usually has to be lyricless for me or I get distracted and end up having a bit of a boogy. What I listen to usually depends on what I’m writing at the moment I’ve been listening to the Deadpool sound track as the scores complement the tone of my book perfectly. If I ever get stuck the Harry Potter soundtracks always seem to have a score to suit what I’m writing!

Does anyone else draw inspiration from music?

Which songs have inspired you most, recently?

What’s on your writing playlist?


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