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Tag Tuesday; Harry Potter Book Tag


I thought I would take part in this rather old tag because I love books and I love Harry Potter – So pretty self explanatory 🙂 I am not sure who started this tag so I sadly can’t link them – please let me know who it is if you know so I can credit them.

Favourite book in the series:

GoFI would usually say it is a tie between Goblet of Fire & Deathly Hallows but if I was pushed I would probably say Goblet of Fire. I just feel like the first 3 books are building up to the end of Goblet of Fire and I think the book was the turning point of the series and where things really started to pick up and get darker. I think it was the best paced book and the most interesting I just love it!

Favourite movie in series:

DHp2The one I have probably watched the most is Chamber of Secrets as for a long time through moving houses this was the only one we could find  😀 and I do really love Chamber of Secrets but overall I think Deathly Hallows part 2 was the best one. The pacing was great, the imagery was fantastic, it was accurate to the book as much as it could be and it just wrapped things up really well.

Least Favourite book;

OotpI don’t even have to think about this one I really, really dislike Order of the Phoenix. I am actually really surprised at how unpopular this opinion is though, my brothers and I have always disliked OotP and I think I just assumed everyone else had this opinion but the more I see online the more I’m surprised at the love for the book/film. For me personally I always try to skip the book when re-reading – as the longest book you would think it would be action packed but it’s really not here are just a couple of my gripes with OotP;

  • Harry Potter is too angsty (I understand why I just think how it was done took all the enjoyment out of the book for me and I found it frustrating to read)
  • There is only one important part of the plot (spoiler: the prophecy) and this could probably have been worked into 20pages of Half Blood Prince which would then make OotP nil and void
  • Dumbledore – just ugh! Surely the “wisest” Wizard could have found a better way to keep himself other than distancing himself.
  • No-one tells Harry he’s being a total D-bag and some (usually Sirius) almost go as far as to encourage certain behaviors
  • The last one I will list is Sirius – It is not a secret that I am not a Sirius fan but throughout this book it is made more apparent that Sirius doesn’t really like Harry for Harry he likes Harry because he looks like James and sometimes acts like James and I don’t think this is a healthy relationship for a teenage boy who has been through and is going through pretty dramatic stuff.
Parts of books or movies made you cry:

*SPOILERS to follow skip ahead if you haven’t seen the films or read the books*
Snape’s death is the biggest one for me – I love him as the extremely flawed anti-hero he is! When Hagrid is tied up in the forest and Harry goes to meet Voldemort – ❤ Hagrid! When Ron & Hermione kiss in the books – I like the kiss in the film but I think it just means so much more in the book and references previous books I just love them as a couple!

Favourite Character:

b9075-images snape.jpg bellat vol

I love Hagrid, I never used to love him as much as I do now but I’ve realised over the years I’ve come to realise just how under appreciated he is as a character.
I also love Bellatrix, I just feel like she probably has a really great and interesting unknown backstory.
Snape is another one for me because I adore flawed Anti-heroes ~ Anti-heroes has become a really buzzword for me! And finally I would say I love Voldemort too because he is so arrogant he honestly believes he is indestructible and that no-one can touch him  and I love how that makes him vulnerable without him realising, I just love to read about him.

What would your patronus be?

Mine would probably be a fox or a cat 🙂

If you could have Resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or elder wand which would you choose?

As much as I’d love to talk to my dad and grand-dads again I think it would be too hard to let them go again so I’d have to say the cloak.

Which house would you be in?

ravWithout a doubt Ravenclaw!

If you could choose to meet any of cast who would it be?

Two of my all time favourite actors are in the series, Alan Rickman & Helena Bonham Carter. Sadly I can’t ever meet one of my idols now as he has passed away but I would love to meet Helena and let her know how her talent, nerve and uniqueness (went a little RuPaul there) has helped me.

If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play?

I am not sporty so I think I would probably be a Keeper 🙂 just sit me in front of the hoops and leave me be until the quaffle comes by 🙂

Were you happy with the ending?

I liked the ending up until the Epilogue, I think the Epilogue was just a little too cheesy and for me personally it cheapened it a tiny tiny bit.

How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

It means a lot from when I used to read it in secret so my brothers didn’t know I loved it too, to now being an adult and watching every film on Christmas day with my fiancé & sometimes my brother! It’s a massive part of my life.


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