Top 5 Wednesday

Books You Wish Had Sequels

Top 5 Wednesday

I’m here with another Top 5 Wednesday which was started by Ginger Reads Lainey and is now being looked after by Thoughts on Tomes and the topics can be found on Goodreads

This weeks topic is Books You Wish Had a Sequel (Standalones that you wish had a sequel or the last book in the series that you wish wasn’t the last). So without further ado I’ll get started…

 Matilda all i know now Vicious water for elep


 I understand that it is not possible now for there to be a sequel but now I’m a grown up I would love a sequel about Matilda now (as an adult) I have thought about this alot over the last few years I think it would just be really fascinating.
This is non-fiction book which is like an advice book and it seems to be aimed at teens. I really liked it but I’d like to see one written by her that’s aimed more at people in their 20’s as I think (as a 26year old) it can be just as scary if not more so (no school as safety net) to be in the early stages of adulthood!
I would love for this book to have a sequel but I do think a sequel might ruin it so I’m torn. This is up there as one of my all time favourite books, I loved the characters and the plot etc and I’d love to read more about them but I can understand why it was a standalone.
I have thought a few times that I would quite like to have had a sequel to Water for Elephants about how they adjusted to life after the end or perhaps a prequel from Marlena’s POV about how she got involved in the circus. I just loved this book and was really invested in her as a character that I’d love to see more.
Kind of cheating by picking an author not a book but I was struggling. Follwing the same reasons as Matilda I would love to see a novel of quite a lot of her characters now they are grown up. I loved Jacqueline Wilson books growing up and she always dealt with tricky topics and hard subjects so it would be interesting to know what they are like as adults especially the characters in The Suitcase Kid, Lola Rose, The Illustrated Mom & Girls in Love.

10 thoughts on “Books You Wish Had Sequels

  1. I think what made Vicious so good for me was the concept of not knowing who to trust rather than the characters and story. I did love the characters but I don’t think that on their own they’d live up to the intrigue and suspense of the first book. I loved All I Know Now , I agree that a sequel would be very helpful because it seems there is , in fact , a lot more advice out there for teenagers than people in their 20s.


    1. You have a good point about Vicious I just have a special place in my heart for Victor :). Also agree with All I Know Now, I just wish there was more out there for people in their twenties so they know they’re not alone


  2. I really want to read vicious because I’m seeing V.E Schwab soon, eek! I totally agree with Jacqueline Wilson! I’d love to know what happened to a few of her characters later on in life! Great post 🙂


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