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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – Spoiler Free Review

Book Review spoiler free

9th July to 13th July ~ Physical Copy ~ Link to Goodreads ~ #4 in the series


paw heart paw heart


Sherlock Holmes’ fame has also brought him notoriety and there are those in the criminal underworld who must move against him or find their schemes in ruins…
While Holmes and Dr Watson solve what will become some of their most famous cases – Silver Blaze, The Greek Interpreter and The Musgrave Ritual among them – the forces of international crime plot their revenge against the detective.
And it is in The Final Problem that Dr Watson has the sad task of telling the grisly, fatal and shocking tale that saw Holmes finally meet his match – in the guise of the diabolical Professor Moriarty and a terrible struggle at the Reichenbach Falls…

Stories Featured:

Silver Blaze ~ The Yellow Face ~ The Stockbrokers Clerk ~ The Gloria Scott ~ The Musgrave Ritual ~ The Reigate Squires ~ The Crooked Man ~ The Resident Patient ~
The Greek Interpreter ~ The Naval Treaty ~ The Final Problem

Favourite Story:

The Yellow Face

The Good:

Firstly the things I liked. I found it quite refreshing to read a book set in this time period, I’ve not really read much that isn’t fantasy or modern day in a while. It reminded me how much I love the language and the simpleness of how things were back then! Speaking of the language I liked how these short stories were written with the warmth of a friends admiration. I also found it refreshing that the books don’t really focus on relationships, or at least when they do it is friendships not love lives. Again this is something else I haven’t really found much of in my recent reads.

The Bad:

Now for the negatives. I have had this on my shelf for a few years now and after reading this I realise why it has just been gathering dust – I enjoyed the first few books but after those these short stories seem slow, predictable and I had a really difficult time connecting to the book. The book as a whole is quite slow going, the beginning of each story is very much dedicated to setting the scene and I found it hard in some of the longer ones to stay focused. None of the stories really had a middle they seemed to flip quite quickly from beginning/set up to end/resolution. Quite a few of the stories were pretty predictable too and so I didn’t feel like I got much of a payoff for slogging through the set up.


Overall I just didn’t like this book. Also I realised when finishing that there aren’t 2 more books in the series as I originally thought there are 4 and so I don’t think I will be continuing on. I think if you enjoyed the other books in the series you will most likely enjoy this one but for me they were just so-so and this one, despite the 2 year gap between the last one I read and this one, was enough to get me to give up on the series. On the plus side this clears a little space on my TBR bookshelf.


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