We Weren’t Born to Follow – A Discussion


Not just an awesome Bon Jovi song but also something I have been pondering since starting my blog the other month and in turn using Twitter and Instagram a lot more.

Now as a rule I think it is brilliant that we can now reach out to people all over the world about things we mutually love/dislike. I don’t know many people in my day to life that enjoy reading as much as I do and so it’s brilliant for me to be able to just log onto twitter/instagram/wordpress/youtube etc and find thousands of people I can talk to about books we have in common. However since I’ve been using these outlets a lot more it seems like there are more people worried about likes and followers than taking part because they enjoy it. The irony is if you enjoy it then it’s more likely going to be better quality and therefore gain you genuine followers!

I know not everyone is me and I am not bashing anyone who goes into this for followers it just isn’t something I understand personally. Of course I would love people to enjoy my content enough to follow me but I’m doing this for me and so even though I have considerably less than most I am grateful for every single one of the people who take the time to read/view my posts and reply :).

I seem to see this most on Instagram and I don’t think it’s exclusive to the book community. I think Instagram as a rule is breeding a mass of people who are seeking approval by liking and following and so people care less and less about what they are putting out there. It just makes me a little sad the way social media goes sometimes. For example a couple of weeks ago a bookstagram account I follow posted an angry rant about how they were loosing followers and were quite a abusive to the people who had clicked unfollow. I checked their account and they had over 3,000 followers but were only following just over 700 – on the one hand this is fine, you shouldn’t have to follow accounts you don’t want to keep up to date with but if you are that bothered about keeping followers why wouldn’t you be more open to following and interacting with the kinds of people you have opinions/styles in common with? Also when looking through their posts they hadn’t actually posted a picture (except the rant) in over a month so I feel like these people will have been justified in unfollowing because they are not getting what they want from you anymore. Another reason why this particular post annoyed me is because (knowing I was going to do this discussion) I had a look through her previous posts and they had never done a post saying thank you to her followers.

Going back to the amount of followers this account had compared to how many they followed I have a particular issue, this because of the amount of people who click the follow button just to unfollow you moments later. I understand that this is because most people will see this and not check if they are still following and automatically follow back but I find it insulting and rude! Do not follow me unless you genuinely enjoy what I am putting out there, it is honestly that simple! I do not mind if in my life I only have 1 follower as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that 1 follower is enjoying it that’s all that matters.

I have seen some tweets lately too that give “advice” on how to get more views which focus more on when to share, how often to share what tags to use etc and even though sharing is a good thing because it gets your work out there for more people to see I think when giving “advice” it should focus more on your content. It’s all very well and good getting that initial view but if what they see isn’t that great they’ll probably not be re-visiting any time soon. And because “Great” is such a relative term I’ll end this post with some advice of my own and hope it doesn’t come across too cliche:

Post for you! Always make sure your posts are coming from a place of honesty and you are doing this because you enjoy it not because you want to become internet famous. Do that and it will shine through in what you are putting out there! If it ever stops being fun just don’t do it anymore πŸ™‚

Have you found this?
What generally makes you click the follow button?
Do you think I’ve been a little harsh here?



12 thoughts on “We Weren’t Born to Follow – A Discussion

  1. I loved this post because I feel there’s a lot of people out there who focus on followers and if you don’t have many then you’re seen as not worth talking to. It’s the same with youtube and subscribers. I met a youtuber that I subscribe to at an author event and they were whispering to their friend behind me that they recognised me from booktube. That’s fine, I wasn’t fussed but then they said how many subscribers? And replied like way less than me and you in like a snobby way. It’s like I’m a person, not just someone you subscribe to or not.


    1. I completely agree! I sometimes feel like because I’m new and dont have thousands of followers (or even hundreds) some people dont think it’s worth taking the time to reply. It shows really bad manners for me personally! I’ve been lucky to start chatting with some really lovely people since starting but you’ll always have those few that get too big for their boots πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s definitely the best phrase to describe them, too big for their boots πŸ™‚ I’ve recently hopped from blogger to wordpress and it’s more interactive so i’ve made more friends via my blog despite my lack of followers!


  2. I enjoyed this post very much. I only blog for the fact that I like talking about the books I’m reading. If I have followers that’s great if I don’t that is also ok. I’m still going to be reviewing books, and posting photos on instagram. I do have to say the people who have followed me have been very welcoming and helpful. I don’t understand the people who do it for likes or shares or whatever I just do it because I liked this book/ or didn’t like it and want to express my thoughts.


  3. Ahhhh this is brilliant!! I loath the whole follow for follow concept with a passion! I follow the people I’m interested in following because I like what they say/do and followers of my blog who are active bc they are important to me. Just bc someone clicks follow on my blog, Twitter, or Instagram, that does not mean I am going to follow you back, nor do I expect someone to follow me simply because I follow their blog.

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    1. That is exactly my thoughts wrapped up in a lovely little comment (instead of my long winded “rant” πŸ˜‚) I would rather someone follow me because they like what I do than because I followed them because that is what I tend to do myself

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  4. ‘I think Instagram as a rule is breeding a mass of people who are seeking approval by liking and following and so people care less and less about what they are putting out there.’ I loved this part. I’ve encountered some of the things you spoke about in this post multiple times. If i enjoy someones pictures i will generally follow them on instagram. I am much more likely to unfollow someone if they post a picture ranting/being offensive for loosing followers, i guess that’s when you know you their reasons are not genuine and in fact they are doing it as a way of gaining popularity. To elaborate, i do not have an issue with anyone searching for popularity, at the end of the day its always nice to feel well liked, however, i started my blog/instagram so that i could share my love of books and interact with others who feel the same. I hope you know i’m sat here procrastinating tidying the house by reading all your blog posts haha!


    1. Here here! Theres nothing wrong with popularlity I just think it’s worth more when it’s earnt and not just expected πŸ™‚
      Haha well I’m flattered my blog is taking priority over your house work πŸ™‚


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