Quick Reads

Quick Reads – Introduction

Quick Reads
Hi Folks,

As we get into the last stretch of 2016 I’m sure most of us are looking at our Goodreads to see how we are doing with our reading goal! I’m doing pretty well and I’m ahead by 11 books but I know last year I was panicking slightly that I wouldn’t be able to do it and I’m sure there are some of you out there in the same boat.

As we start signing up for read-a-thons and doing more buddy reads in the hopes we’ll speed our way to our targets I thought it would be good to do a weekly segment where I recommend a “quick read”.

Each week on a Thursday from now until (at least) the end of the year I will do a post featuring one book that I personally found a speedy read. I’m going to try and keep this varied so one week might be contemporary another a classic or another manga.

I really hope this segment helps some of you get to your targets or even if you’re still short at the end of the year hopefully I’ll at least have directed you to a book you enjoy but otherwise might’ve overlooked πŸ™‚

Until it starts next Thursday Happy Reading from me and Sooty πŸ™‚


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