Audio-Books “Not Really Reading”


I’m here this week with a discussion post and this is something I have been thinking about for a long time now. Since I started watching booktube a year ago and reading others blogs I’ve noticed a considerable number of people who feel the need to comment and say they don’t feel like listening to audio books is reading. I do not agree with this I think Audio-books are a brilliant way to read and here’s some of the reasons why.
I have listened to some real dudd audio books but for everyone one dudd I’ve listened to I have probably listened to 3 more that were brilliant. If you find a book with a good narrator then it really helps with the experience. Hearing someone set the scene can sometimes really help you see it clearer in your mind. Also if you’re really lucky you can sometimes find audio-books that have been narrated by the author themselves and this, in my opinion is the best way to read the book. They know exactly what needs emphasing or how characters would speak because they have come from their very own imagination. I would highly recommend listening to Neil Gaiman’s books that have been narrated by him as he is an absolutely fantastic story teller!
The Ease:
In this day in age we’re all in a rush and we never seem to have enough time for ourselves, audio-books are brilliant for background noise when you’re doing mundane/every day things. Going to the gym? Swap music for an audiobook and get lost in another world while working up a sweat. Got a long commute to school or work pop on your audio-book instead of the radio/ipod and count off another book towards your Goodreads goal. I personally love to put audio-books on when I’m cleaning the house and when I’m playing Mario Kart on the DS. Also with apps and websites now that specialise in audio-books it is so much easier and cheaper than it ever used to be to get audio-books. While I’m on this topic I would assume, though I’m by no means an expert, it is easier, cheaper and quicker for people who are blind or have other sight impairments to listen to audiobooks than it is to get braille books.
Reading is Reading!
This is probably the most important point to the argument for me. I think you’ll always get those people who will tell you what you’re doing is wrong but it just really saddens me when people do this about reading; we should all be rejoicing that people are reading in the first place! Without sounding older than my 26 years in this day in age it’s rare to get people away from the telly box or computer screen and in front of a book so do we really want to discourage the ones that do by telling them they are doing it wrong?
In summary I don’t really mind if you don’t like audio-books or don’t think we should class it as reading that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. What I do mind is preaching to others, tweeting or commenting just to belittle people. we are all entitled to enjoy what we want how we want as long as it doesn’t hurt or upset others.

6 thoughts on “Audio-Books “Not Really Reading”

  1. Another great discussion post!!! Audiobooks are 100% reading. Just because you are not doing it with your eyes, doesn’t mean it is not reading…. if this is the logic, then do these people think that a blind person who reads braille with their fingers is not reading?!

    I LOVE audiobooks! I listen to them at the gym, in the car, and doing housework… why wouldn’t you?


    1. I completely agree! I the past year a couple of people have told me it’s not technically reading and I always ask them about braille like you mentioned. I think it’s so great people are reading that we shouldn’t act better than them because it’s not done in a way they personally enjoy!

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  2. Audiobooks definitely is a form of reading, just in a different way. Not everyone has the ease or time to pick up a physical book to take with them everywhere they go, plus it can help people meditate and relax more in certain situations, I’m sure. Very nice!

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  3. I am HOOKED on audiobooks. I always have a physical book that I’m reading and an audiobook that I’m listening to at the same time. Because, like you said, it’s so great to be able to listen to books while doing the mundane. Never before have I enjoyed laundry as much as I do now that I listen to audiobooks!! 😀

    Ali @ the bandar blog 


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