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Quick Reads #2 – Animal Farm



“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
Revolution is in the air at Manor Farm after old Major, a prize boar, tells the other animals about his dream of freedom and teaches them to sing “Beasts of England.” Mr Jones, the drunken farmer, is deposed and a committee of pigs takes over the running of the farm. The animals are taught to read and write, but the dream turns sour, the purges begin and those in charge come more and more to resemble their oppressors.
Orwell’s allegory of the Soviet revolution remains as lucid and compelling as ever. In beautifully clear prose, he gives us a vivid gallery of characters and a fable that conveys the truth about how we are manipulated through language and the impossibility of finding heaven on earth.

Goodreads Genres:

Classics, Fiction, Science Fiction/Dystopian, Literature, Fantasy, Academic/School

Recommend to:

If you aren’t used to reading classics but want to this is a really easy way in. If you haven’t read any George Orwell before this is a perfect start for you, at about 100 pages it’s brilliant and show casing his style.

My Thoughts:

This was the first Orwell I read and I devoured it in one sitting. Although it’s only around 100pages long it packs a real punch! It is simply written but at the same time really gets you thinking about how this book symbolised the state of things around the time it was written. Not only does it reflect on the time it was published it also seems to reflect on today’s society! Orwell has written a brilliant and humours novel that I knew would make it to my favourites shelf from the very first page!


8 thoughts on “Quick Reads #2 – Animal Farm

      1. He’s such a a talented writer. I wrote an essay for my A Level Coursework comparing 1984 with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (How depressing and bleak are Dystopians) and that was such a fun and interesting topic to do. I got full marks as well! 😋


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