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I saw this tag over at Starkreviews and it was originally started by Reading with Jack. Being the massive Great Brittish Bake Off fan that I am I couldn’t not do this tag.

mara dyer

CAKE: The cake has sunk in the middle. Pick a book that didn’t rise to your expectations.
I’d probably have to go with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but based on the cover this book looked really interesting and the synopsis sounded really great but it just let me down big time!


winners trilogyBISCUITS: Once you’ve eaten one, you’re hungry for more and each time you eat another, they get more and more delicious. Pick a book series or trilogy that got progressively better.
Going with a pretty obvious answer for this one and picking The Winners Curse – Even now the trilogy is over I still need more! The second book is probably the best one in the series in my opinion but 1 and 2 are equally amazing.

raven BoysBREAD: Kneading dough requires hard work and determination. Pick a book that you put off reading for ages and needed a lot of determination to pick up.
The Raven Boys was on my shelf for the longest time and I didn’t want to pick it up for a while because of all the hype but even though I didn’t enjoy it I’m glad I at least gave it a go 🙂

salt to the sea


DESSERTS: Foreign deserts such as crème brûlée and Spanische Windtorte are on the menu. Pick a book set in a foreign country.
I could pick many but I going to pick my favourite book of the year which is Salt to the Sea. Set in WW2 this book is equal parts beautiful and heart breaking.


ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS: Not usually used, but surprisingly good. Pick a book from a genre you wouldn’t normally read but ended up loving.

I’m picking The Martian for this one! I don’t tend to read a lot of Sci-Fi but I loved this book so much!



PASTRY: Shortcrust pastry can crumble easily. Pick a character who you initially liked, but as you read more and more, your relationship with them crumbled apart.

I could pick any/all Sarah J Maas characters for this one but I will try to pick someone else. I will go with Ove from A Man Called Ove. At first I found him charming and he reminded me of my grandad but nothing really happened and I found myself just getting a little too bored with him fairly quickly.

VICTORIAN/OLD-FASHIONED BAKES: Recipes from the past that still taste delicious today. Pick your favourite classic novel.

Last year I would have said hands down Jane Eyre but since reading Animal Farm this year I wouldn’t be able to pick between the two! So I’m going to cheat and say both!


raven BoysPATISSERIE: You’re eating a chocolate éclair but there’s barely any filling inside. Pick a book that lacked substance and fell flat.

I know this might be a controversial pick because there is so much hype around this series but I do have to go with The Raven Cycle. The premise of the book sounded brilliant but the actual writing and characters fell really flat for me personally.


Under Rose-Tinted SkiesCHOCOLATE: Chocolate is a comfort food for many people. Pick a book you could read again and again and still find comforting.

I could pick so many! If I had to narrow it down and pick something I haven’t already picked for this tag I’d have to go with Under Rose Tinted Skies. I found this book really comforting because it really showed the real and raw side of Agrophobia and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone!


wolf by wolfTHE GRAND FINAL: Everyone is out to impress with extravagant show-stoppers! Pick your favourite book of the year so far that really impressed you.

I did want to pick Six of Crows but I haven’t finished it as yet so I’ll have to go with Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. Absolutely sensational book! Recommend to all!

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9 thoughts on “GBBO Book Tag

  1. This is so great! I’ve never seen this tag until now and I love all your answers. I think my answer to Victorian/Old-fashioned Bakes might be the same – I really enjoyed both Jane Eyre and Animal Farm, the latter was just so cleverly written. Do you mind if I do this tag myself? 🙂


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