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Quick Reads #3 – Sailor Moon



One of the most-beloved of all Japanese manga titles, Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon has enthralled millions of readers worldwide since its debut in book form in early 1992. When Usagi Tsukino adopts a stray cat, she gets more than she bargains for The talking cat, Luna, informs Usagi that she is actually Sailor Moon, a magical princess from the future and protector of the Solar System. With the help of her new friends, the Sailor Scouts, and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon embarks on a quest to save us all from the evil powers of the Negaverse.

Goodreads Genre:

Manga / Fantasy / Graphic Novels / Comics / Romance / Young Adult

Recommend To: 

Anyone looking for something fluffy and funny! Especially people who were fans of the show.

My Thoughts:

I was a massive fan of the TV show when I was younger (and I mean massive) but up until last year I hadn’t read any of the volumes. I must say I adored the books (at least the ones I’ve read so far) there seems to be a little bit more too them and it gives you a bit more of each Sailors personality! If you have never read a Manga before but have always been interested I’d say this is probably a pretty good place to start. Its fun, fluffy and a really easy way to get into the style!


3 thoughts on “Quick Reads #3 – Sailor Moon

  1. Sailor Moon!!!! I loved the show when I was younger and I watched the reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, just last year 😀 From what I heard, Crystal was more faithful to the manga, but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t read the manga yet. So, I’ll have to add this one to my list!

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