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October TBR Unwrapping

A few months ago a did a post about wrapping up the books I own that I’ve yet to read (you can check it out here). Well last weekend I finally finished wrapping my books *does a funky jig*

20160925_190508I have kept the “genres” pretty vague which I hope will make it even harder for me to guess which book is which.
Pink Polka Dots = Classics
Green Polka Dots with stars on the spine = Historical Fiction
Blue Stars = Fantasy, Sci-fy, magical realism etc
Green Polka Dots (with a plain spine) = Contemporary

The plan is to unwrap one from each category at the end of each month to make the TBR for the next month. I’m hoping this will help me get excited about books I’ve owned for a long while and help me read a bit more variety than I have been. So without babbling on too much here is my first unwrapping! As always click any of the titles mentioned below to be linked through to their Goodreads page.



Richard II – William Shakespear

This is my least favorite from the books I unwrapped. I actually thought I had brought Richard 3rd so when I got home I was a little gutted. I haven’t had the best experiences with plays either so only time will tell how I find this. I’ll be tackling it first 🙂





Between Shades of Grey – Ruta Sepetys 

I am probably the most excited to start this one! I read Salt to the Sea earlier this year and it is one of my favorite books of the year! I have heard nothing but good things about this one so I’m itching to pick it up now 🙂






Smoke & Mirrors – Neil Gaiman

I have been meaning to read more of the Neil Gaiman books I own as I’m never disappointing by his works! My fiance picked this one out for me to unwrap and I’m excited that it’s a book of short stories, in theory this should be a bit quicker to get through than a solid novel 🙂







Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

This will be my first Colleen Hoover novel and I’m excited to dive right in as I’ve seen her books a lot on Booktube and Twitter!




What are you reading this October?

Have you read any of my picks?



9 thoughts on “October TBR Unwrapping

      1. I read Salt to the Sea this year too and loved it. I’ve only read Never Never by Colleen Hoover and currently reading Confess. But I absolutely LOVED Never Never!!

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  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Between Shades of Gray! I purchased it along with Salt to the Sea this year, but haven’t gotten to them yet. If I didn’t loath wrapping presents, I would totally do this. I think I may make a TBR jar instead 😊

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