Top 5 Wednesday

#T5W: 12/10/2016

Top 5 Wednesday

Topic: Inaccurate Book Covers

I’m here with another Top 5 Wednesday which was started by Ginger Reads Lainey and is now being looked after by Thoughts on Tomes and the topics can be found on Goodreads

I actually struggled with this topic a little bit but after a lot of searching through my good reads book shelves I managed to pick 5. As always click the book titles below to be linked through to Goodreads. Also as there is a difference in UK & US editions and some books have been released with different covers the pictures below are for the editions I am talking about.


1. Under Rose Tinted-Skies – Louise Gornall

This book is truly sensational and a great, raw & real depiction of agoraphobia! However I am not a fan of the cover (the UK one more than the US one). I think the shocking pink makes it look more like a girly fluffy read and I don’t think it is. I think also the heart in the cage is not as powerful as the bird on the US cover. The bird on the US cover ties in to the story and also suits the tone of the book whereas the heart on the UK one seems to add to the girly feel.

2. Saint Anything – Sarah Dessen

I wasn’t a fan of this book. I knew very little about it going in just the basics of the protagonists family setup/situation. Looking at the cover I thought that maybe the book would have a significant circus or fairground scene (a scene I adore in books), I was bitterly disappointing. There is a carousel in the book but it features for a few pages only and doesn’t really have much significance. This book was a big let down for me personally anyway but the cover doesn’t really have anything to do with the book.

3. Crooked Heart – Lissa Evans

I adored this book. It’s a quirky character driven book set in the UK in WW2 and it’s about a woman who takes in a refugee and they start little scams together – so funny so heartwarming just a lovely little read. I also like the colours of the cover but I just don’t think it really represents the content well.

4. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

I’m not a fan of this cover at all – I think it looks very plain and dull and has no references (as far as I can remember) to the book. I’m not a massive fan of the book itself but I’d have completely passed it on the shelf if I saw this cover – I only read it because of all the hype.

5. The Time Travellers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

This was tricky one because I couldn’t think of a better cover for the book but I just don’t feel like this reflects the plot well.


3 thoughts on “#T5W: 12/10/2016

  1. Great choices! In The Book Thief though, they played dominoes a lot, so that’s probably why the cover is what it is. But I agree with you that it’s a dull cover and they could have given it a cover that worked better with the story. 😊


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