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Review Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


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I don’t usually talk about TV shows here on my blog but I had a lot of thoughts about the Gilmore Girls “Revival”. This is a post to get all my mish mashy thoughts in one place and I will try to polish it up a little at a later date but right now it will probably be an incoherent rambling mess. This post will contain spoilers but I will be discussing overall opinions on each episode and then an overall section at the end so you can read the parts that only relate to the episodes you’ve watched or wait and come back.


Image result for gilmore girls winterThose initial few moments of the episode really hit me and I felt so incredibly nostalgic. I, like so many others, had been waiting for this for so long! Overall the episode was full of the usual banter, coffee and ultimately drama. But that’s where my problem lies it was the usual drama. I find it really hard to believe that in 9 years neither of them have grown or changed. To some extent I can understand the tension between Emily and Lorelai; they find it difficult to get a long at the best of times so I can imagine with the grief of Richard’s passing this was even more difficult. I gave them a little bit more benefit of the doubt than I would have had it not been for the sad passing of Richard. However I found Rory to be incredibly frustrating! She has not changed from the spoilt, bratty 20-something year old she was 9 years ago. She is still treating men like dirt and I was shocked and appalled that she, Luke and Lorelai treated Pete/Paul the way they did. In the past they have made little quips about people but with this guy they (imho) went from harmlessness to a pair of b**ches! I didn’t understand the surrogacy storyline as they didn’t really seem to talk about this and the brief discussion they did have did not conclude with them definitely wanting a child it was just a little weird for me. The entire episode felt very disjointed and a little strained. Rory and Logan? Really!? So he has a fiance and he’s keeping her as a side piece and not only that but she knows and she’s happy to be his side piece? I will never, ever understand why people see Rory as this character who is good and pure etc and I don’t understand why the writers didn’t decide to develop her character to a 32 year old and instead kept her as a 20 something in a 32 year olds body.


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This episode starts out with Lorelai and Emily in a joint therapy session and this made me endlessly happy because I thought it would be a little bit of a break through between them something to help them break down the walls and bring them closer together. I believe the show should have tried harder with the two of them in this revival to bring them together, as much of a troubled relationship they had I believed that in grief they would find the strength to come together and at least get along, this did not happen here. The therapy sessions seemed to be there only to showcase just how much both of them are stubborn and how much both of them seem to get a kick out of twisting the others words. Can I just say I was a massive fan of Kirk’s newest short film! Me and my brother adored the original one and I’m so happy they brought this back. Also I’m a big fan of all the little town events that went on through the series especially the chaos of the around the world food festival thing that happened in Spring. And then we have Rory, oh boy where to start! She spent almost the entire episode walking around like she was better than everyone around her and like the world owed her a living, throwing little tantrums when things didn’t go her way.  I used to be able to at least tolerate her in the past and at times I really liked her character but I feel like they picked her worst traits for this series and decided to put them on show!


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Here is where I started to feel a little for Lorelai I think she was starting to have a crisis of confidence. I feel like a lot of her actions can be explained by grief, I think the loss of Richard really helped Emily and Lorelai to put things into perspective and to really evaluate what was happening in their lives.I don’t agree with a lot of the over reactions she had not only in this episode but in previous ones too but I understand that for her personality that is one of her ways of coping, kicking off a little then doing her signature sigh and picking herself back up. It’s a shame Rory can’t master the art of picking herself up like she has the tantrums. Now I know this post seems to be hating a lot on Rory but I was just so frustrated. We got more of the same from Rory in this episode; telling everyone “I’m not back” like being back would be below her, looking down her nose at the 30-something-club like she was better than them, running to Logan like she needs a man to save her, complaining about being in a mess and not liking her life but then doing nothing about it. At this point I also started to hate that they kept mentioning in passing how worried they were about Emily but neither of them seemed to give her enough time to check on her. I was just really angry at this point the revival show could have been so much but it was disjointed, lacking it’s usual charm and I feel the writing was lazy re-hashing past storylines (Luke and Lorelai not communicating, Lorelai and Emily not seeing eye to eye, Rory treating men like crap but also having bratty tantrums when not getting her own way).


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I am going to try and gloss over Rory in this section. All I will say is that again I did not like her choices, I did not like her lack of development and I did not like how she was treating people. Oh, also I was never a fan of the life and death brigade in the first place so wasn’t a fan of it making a come back when they were all meant to be older – Spoilt rich kids getting drunk breaking the law and complaining about first world problems will never be entertainment for me personally. This episode was probably the best of the revivals. I liked that Lorelai took a time out and instead of running away further she had her break through and came back to sort things out. I like that Emily finally started to do things for herself to make herself happy too, that she finally started speaking up and dropping all those airs and graces. I think this was the progress I was hoping they’d have made from episode one of the revival but I was happy enough when I finally got it in this episode. I love that Luke and Lorelai finally got married and that it was low key just 4 or 5 people.


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I know it seems like I really hated the revival. I guess in a way I did but there was a lot that I enjoyed about it too. I loved that Kirk was there with a pig, I loved the musical in the Summer episode and in general I love the side character contributions throughout the episodes. The town was still it’s quirky charming self and the little side stories in each episode brought me endless nostalgic joy! I found that I was cringing a little at some points for example the lack of diversity and the somewhat racist stereotyping and I also cringed when they were talking about the gay pride parade and the way the discussed “the gays”.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below:

Do you think I am being too harsh (if so why)?

Do you agree about the lack of development?

What are some of the parts you loved & hated about this mini-series? 


3 thoughts on “Review Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

  1. I agree with most of what you are saying. The choices that Rory was making left me scratching my head, wondering how she could walk around just treating Paul like utter crap and not have a crisis of conscience about it one time. Super disappointing in where ASP took her character. I also can’t believe that they let her be okay with being Logan’s side piece. It’s like the episode where she and Paris drink the founders day punch and she winds up on the floor crying “why doesn’t he like me.” For her to have made such a good decision about not accepting his proposal in the original series finale makes this all the more confusing. A little more backstory would have been helpful too. I mean why isn’t Logan in California? What happened to the house with the avocado tree in the backuard? How did they end up speaking again after everything ended in an ultimatum?

    I also can’t believe how much of a mess Rory’s life was career-wise. And how she never once seemed to attack /go after what she wanted. I mean, remember in season 7 when she sent out one billion resumes in the hopes of getting a job? What happened to that Rory?! It just seems like ASP regressed her character so much.

    Lorelai’s arc seemed pretty okay with me. I feel like her and Luke would always have issues with communicating because it’s not in either of their nature’s to be that open with a romantic partner. But I really wish that they could have set some marriage ground rules when they were having that big kitchen scene breakthrough. Something along the lines of “let’s not have separate lives anymore!!!”

    Overall: the original series finale was (imo) second only to Six Feet Under in terms of overall amazingness. I loved that finale so much. This finale, however, because of The Last Four Words leaves me emotionally in pieces. I’m not sure that it’s healthy to be this emotionally invested in a TV show but alas that ship has sailed and to quote GG, it’s probably in fiji by now.

    I just feel like those words are so utterly ridiculous for so many reasons. Well actually just two reasons:
    1) these are the last 4 words that ASP has wanted since the show’s inception. So literally, no matter what season or when the show was going to end, no matter what was going on in the characters’ lives, ASP was just going to tack those 4bwords onto the finale. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??!!!! It’s basically saying “I don’t give a shit about storylines, character development, or anything else.” If the show ended in college, Rory would be pregnant. If the show ended in high school, Rory would be pregnant. If the show ends 9 years later, Rory would be pregnant. Um, WHAT? I don’t get how that isn’t a big fuck you to all of the work that’s gone into creating these characters. No matter where I have led them in their journeys, it will end the same way. That would be the worst ending to a choose your own adventure book ever. No matter what choices Rory makes in her life, her fate is inescapable. UGH. Amy Sherman Palladino, why you gotta do me like that. Why you gotta do yourself and the show like that? Makes ASP seems as stubborn as a Gilmore.
    2) These 4 words (especially if the show had ended in HS or early college) means that Rory has learned absolutely nothing from life. I repeat: NOTHING. These 4 words are Lorelai’s worst fears slapping her in the face. Does ASP really hate her that much? I don’t get it. Everything Lorelai has done raising Rory has been to avoid. And yet, here we are, and here we would have been no matter when the show ended. My brain just can’t wrap itself around the logic of that. It seems so shortsighted and selfish of ASP to layout the ending in her mind and refuse to budge before she sees where the characters’ lives have taken them.

    I read an article analyzing all the possible fathers. The only one that didn’t upset me was the theory that Rory became a surrogate for Paris because she needed money. But thinking back to the fact that this would have been the ending on matter what, or more importantly no matter WHEN, the series ending in HS means Jess or Dean would have been the father. Ending in college, means Dean or Logan would be the father. ASP doesn’t care about the back story, or Rory, or the father, she just cares about those stupid 4 words. Infuriating.

    I also don’t really like how the show left Rory as such a hot mess. Her saying to Dean (I think it was Dean), “well the whole journalism thing didn’t work out for me….” Excuse me? You had a piece in the New Yorker. You covered the Obama campaign for years. How can you possibly think this whole journalism thing isn’t, and isn’t going to, work out? You’re Rory goddamned Gilmore and you can make it work out…if only you’d just try.

    Despite everything that bugged me, I would have been satisfied if everything had just faded to black in that gazebo scene and I’d never heard those Last Four Words.

    Thank you for letting me get all of that out!


  2. Ok so I can’t read this entire post as I have only watched the first 2 episodes… but I agree, Rory is annoying. I also think Alexis Bledel’s acting has been a little off. I was shocked that she and Logan are having an affair when he is engaged…


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