Book Review

Storm – Tim Minchin (Graphic Novel)


29th November ~ Physical Copy ~ Link to Goodreads



A storm is brewing at a London Dinner party. When Tim meets the mysterious fifth guest at the table, small talk descends into a battle between science and belief.
Audiences around the world have been wowed by the lyrical wonders of Storm in its viral smash-hit animation form. Now fully reimagined with original artwork, this sparkling ode to scepticism by multi-award-winning comedian and musician Tim Minchin is brought to life for the first time in a book.

Pre-read Thoughts:

I am a big fan of Tim Minchin I have been to see him live 3 times (always within the first 5 rows) and I have met him twice. I have seen this graphic novel of his comedy beat poem “Storm” around quite a bit in the past year or so but I’ve never been able to justify spending £12.99 on a book this short. I bumped it over to my wishlist and my wonderful Fiance brought me it for my Birthday last week.


The art work in this book is really brilliant. If I’d have imagine it as a little cartoon or animation I think I’d have imagine it to look like this. It’s super colourful and the tone throughout the book is consistent with what is being said. The font is clear and easy to read and can be quite impactful at certain points. I obviously loved the poem already but I wasn’t quite sure how it would translate to book form but it’s just as good and flows just as well while you read. I think the quirkiness of the drawings with the variation of font and the dry humour of the words worked really well and I’d perhaps even go as far as to say that I enjoyed this more than actually listening to it.

Overall; I can’t really pick anything bad about the book it did exactly what it set out to do and it enhanced something which, for me, was already pretty awesome so I’m giving it a massive thumbs up.

paw heart paw heart paw heart paw heart paw heart

Some pictures from the book:

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