Quick Reads #15 – Maus



Combined for the first time here are Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale and Maus II – the complete story of Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler’s Europe. By addressing the horror of the Holocaust through cartoons, the author captures the everyday reality of fear and is able to explore the guilt, relief and extraordinary sensation of survival – and how the children of survivors are in their own way affected by the trials of their parents. A contemporary classic of immeasurable significance.

Goodreads Genre:

Graphic Novel / Comics / Non-fiction / History / Biography /  Memoir

Recommend to:

Historical fiction fans. Especially if you love true accounts of life during WW2.

My Thoughts:

This is the first (and I think only) graphic novel about a true account of life as a Jew in Germany during WW2. I adored the art style where the Jews are depicted as rats and the Nazi’s were depicted as cats I thought this was extremely clever. I also liked how real and raw and honest the account was not only of his dads experience but also of how this had affected his relationship with others. I wasn’t a massive fan of the book but I do think that if you are interested in this time period like I am it is worth a read.


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