Post NaNoWriMo Plans

It has been a few weeks now since NaNoWriMo came to an end so I thought I would do a super quick update on my post NaNo writing plans.

In terms of the project I was working on in November I am leaving it to settle for a couple of months and I am planning on editing this in February/March with a view to self publishing. I’m really wanting to get this out into the world and hopefully it will be a comfort to others who have suffered/are suffering with anxiety as that’s why I was inspired to write it.


Throughout 2017 I will be continuing on with a novel I’ve been working on for just over a year and hope I will finish this before 2018! I have also got a good outline for another novel that I would like to start at some point in 2017 although I’m already wondering if I should leave it for next years NaNoWriMo.

So in conclusion NaNoWriMo has not deterred me from writing. If anything it has inspired me to persevere the process can be difficult but worth it in the end!


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