Top 5 Wednesday

#T5W – Wednesday 4th January


Iā€™m here with another Top 5 Wednesday which was started by Ginger Reads Lainey and is now being looked after by Thoughts on Tomes and the topics can be found on Goodreads.

Topic: Goals for 2017

I’m going to have to do a super speedy post this week as everything is a little hectic with getting back to work etc this week. I have posted about my general goals which you can find here and also about my bookish goals which you can find here. So I will just pick the top 5 from these lists šŸ™‚

5:1 Challenge

Pretty simple challenge I can only buy 1 book after finishing 5 of my physical TBR.

Learn to Drive

Again pretty self explanatory, I think this will be good for my anxiety too as public transport freaks me out!

Edit a first draft

I finished 2 first drafts back in November so it is a goal for me to edit at least one of them.

Start & finish a first draft of another idea

I have around 12 novel ideas bobbing around in my head and jotted down in my journal. I think it’s about time I put pen to paper šŸ™‚

Be healthier:

I don’t like the word diet. I do need to become healthier though, I was a little overweight going in to 2016 and then throughout the year I put on another 4stone! This needs to be rectified!



5 thoughts on “#T5W – Wednesday 4th January

  1. I already knew your goals for 2017 going into this one, but have you made any progress on them?

    I also don’t like the word “diet.” Yay for you for wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle! It really is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix via a diet. Maybe eating healthier and being more active could help with your anxiety? I know exercises releases endorphins and all that jazz….

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    1. I think being healthier will definately help with my anxiety, one of the main reasons I don’t like going out is because I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. At work 4 of us have decided to loose weight using our own methods, we each put Ā£5 in a week and then at the end of April who ever has lost the most body % wins all the money thats been put in, everyone else has gone straight into diet and I’m here like I’ll increase mh exercise cut down on crap but not cut it out completely and after week one I’m the top looser lol….sorry that was a bit lengthy for a response šŸ˜‚


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