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Fairytale – Literary Light Unboxing

I’m here out of my usual blogging schedule to do my first unboxing! At the end of December I found @LiteraryLight on twitter. I adore candles and I had been looking for more bookish candle makers based in the UK on etsy (click here for their shop) so they certainly ticked all the boxes.

I saw they were doing a subscription box for January with a Fairytale theme and I knew I had to snap one up.


For £18 I received 3 themed candles and a bookmark I was pleasantly surprised when I received the package this morning at the quality of the candles and the packaging. It’s been important for me to find more UK based candle shop on Etsy as I don’t like to pay as much as my order in shipping when ordering from elsewhere. I was thinking that maybe I’d not be so keen on one of the scents but each, although very different from each other, smelt stunning.


Belle’s Library

On the Label: “Bourbon / Buttercream”

The buttercream comes through more than the bourbon, I think the bourbon just gives a little edge to it to stop it smelling too sweet. I love this one and I’d say it’s probably perfect to light in my living room.


Cinderella’s Ball

On the Label: Mint / White Jasmine

This one smells like a perfect 50/50 blend of the mint and white jasmine. It’s a very clean and crisp smell kind of like clean clothes. I love this one too and I think it would be a great candle for the bathroom to light when having a nice bubble bath.


Rapunzel’s Tower

On the Label: Rosewood / Velvet Moss

This one is the prettiest scent of the 3. It smells like a comforting perfume. I think this one would also be nice to light during a bubble bath but I think I’ll use it in the bedroom on an evening for a calming effect.

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for what the next themed box will be and putting an order in! I think for the price you pay you get fantastic quality back! I’ve had a look at the other candles they do too and they all look fantastic, I’m so happy I came across them and I’m excited to order more in the future!

Literary Light Information:

Instagram @literarylight ~ Twitter @LiteraryLight ~ Etsy Shop

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