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The Summer We All Ran Away – Cassandra Parkin


7th January to 13th January ~ Physical ~ Goodreads Link

 The Summer We All Ran Away


When nineteen year old Davey finds himself drunk, beaten and alone, he is rescued by the oddly-assorted inhabitants of an abandoned and beautiful house in the West Country. Their only condition for letting him join them is that he asks them no questions.
More than thirty years ago in that same house, burned-out rock star Jack Laker writes a ground-breaking comeback album, and abandons the girl who saved his life to embark on a doomed and passionate romance with a young actress. His attempt to escape his destructive lifestyle leads to deceit, debauchery and even murder.
As Davey and his fellow housemate Priss try to uncover the secrets of the house’s inhabitants, both past and present, it becomes clear that the five strangers have all been drawn there by the events and the music of that long-ago summer.



I’ll start by saying I’m pretty ticked off with myself! I wrote a whole review for this one, formatted it added my pictures etc and then only went and overwrote it with next weeks review. What a Numpty I am!

This will be something you enjoy if you like character driven books as this very much focus’ more on the people and their characteristics and personalities than any kind of plot.

I do usually like character driven books but this one was a little middle of the road. The little plot this book does have splits between “now” chapters and “then” chapters and these are used more to join up the dots between the characters featured. It’s a little tricky to explain but this is the best I can sum up without spoilers.

There were certain references and things said by characters that I found to be offensive and they made me feel incredibly awkward. Most of these things were said by Priss who was the token angsty, agressive, sarcastic teenager – I did not get along with her while reading at all! The only redeeming quality is she doesn’t just trust and believe the guy who turns out blind drunk on the doorstep and suspects him of all sorts this seemed a bit more realistic than the other two peoples responses.

Overall: I really can’t say much about this book because it is so much about the things people go through in life and judging people before knowing them and secrets etc almost any opinion I have got would be a spoiler. I did enjoy the pacing and most of the characters were really interesting it was just Priss and some of the things she said that knocked this books down a notch or two.



There is representation in this book however a lot of it wasn’t included until late on in the book and I’m not sure I was comfortable with how it was handled. There is a gay character however I found his sexuality was used as a “plot twist” or for dramatic affect. I can’t stand when this is done because I don’t think it is fair for people of that community to have it used in this way. Also there is a minor character who uses a wheel chair in the book. The people around him are not painted in a good light but also he and another character are creating a comic and he refers to it as “Crip-boy and Enabler Girl” I found this really difficult to read.  *1

paw heartpaw heartpaw heart

*1 Please note the representation section of my reviews is new and I welcome any feedback. If you feel I have used the wrong terminology or I have used offensive words please let me know so I am aware and do not offend in the future.*


2 thoughts on “The Summer We All Ran Away – Cassandra Parkin

  1. Love the representation section!

    ” There is a gay character however I found his sexuality was used as a “plot twist” or for dramatic affect. I can’t stand when this is done because I don’t think it is fair for people of that community to have it used in this way.”

    Ugh this is a pet peeve of mine as well! It also sounds like the representation for the handicapped individual is problematic as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just think peoples sexuality shouldn’t be used for drama because that could possibly be quite damaging so I felt I needed to talk about it in my review. Thanks, I thought by adding a representation section it could help me conciously pick up more diverse reads 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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