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I’m Back! – New-ish Blogging Schedule


Things have been a bit sporadic in terms of me posting here lately. It shouldn’t be an excuse but I’ve had a fair few personal reasons for being slack. I’m starting to get myself back on track now though.

So I’ve taken a few days to look back over some of the blogging/reading/writing/personal goals I set myself at the beginning of the year and work out which ones are important to me and what I can do to get back into the swing of things and I’ve come up with a schedule I think will be easy to keep on top of but will also help me stay productive in other areas.


Tuesdays here will be a kind of “Anything Goes” posting day. On Tuesdays you will see anything from discussion posts to tags to lists of recommendations. All posts on tuesdays will be related to books but the format of the post will be random. I’m actually pretty excited as I have a fairly long list of discussions and also another original tag I’d like to create.


I’ll be sticking to doing top 5 Wednesdays each week. I won’t be as strict on myself though to pick 5 if I don’t think I can come up with 5 it will sometimes be less I’d rather give honest and genuine answers than scrape the barrel to pick just for the sake of getting 5 options.


I’ll be dedicating my Thursday posts to book reviews. I have a few I need to catch up on now but I think I quite like being 2 books behind as it gives me a little wiggle room if I get into one of my dreaded book slumps :). I now have a new section in my reviews too which talk about if the book has any representation and if I feel the representation is handled well. I’m hoping this will aid me to veer more towards diverse reads and help me understand them.

Every Other Sunday:

So far you’ll notice my blogging days have been dedicated to reading but I didn’t originally start this blog just for reading content I also started it to document my other love, writing! I know most writers set specific days to writing, this is a little tricky for me so my plan is to write a little each day (even if it’s just half an hour) and then dedicate every other weekend to doing lots of sprints. My Sunday post (every other week) will be a review of the progress I’m making with my current WIP at the moment it will be about the actual writing then once draft one is complete it will be about the progress of self-editing.


Once a month I will do a wrap up as normal. This will probably fall on a the last Tuesday of the month or first Tuesday of each month (for the month before). This post will also include any unwrappings that I have done which form my TBR.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and I hope you enjoy the up coming content!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Back! – New-ish Blogging Schedule

  1. I for one am excited you will be back to posting regularly! I thought you were just focusing on writing and editing, but it sounds like you also had some personal stuff going on. Hope all is well my friend! I am digging the new schedule! I really need to get my blogging shit together and not be all over the place like I currently am lol

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