#T5W – 26th April


Topic: Authors You Want to Read More From

This one should be a pretty easy one for me to do! I’m sure I have a list as long as my arm of authors I want to read more of! Click the Author Name to be linked through to their Goodreads profile.

1. Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Bronte wrote my all time favourite novel Jane Eyre. I know she had written a fair few other novels and I do really want to read them but I’m also worried I’ll hate them. I have to be in the right mood for classics and not all of them click with me 😦

2. Sara Barnard

Sara  BarnardI read A Quiet Kind of Thunder earlier this year and I really loved the representation of both the Select Mute and the Deaf main characters. I found it easy and compelling to read so I’m really wanting to give

3. Ryan Graudin

Ryan GraudinI have read the Wolf by Wolf duology & Walled City and I just really love the style Ryan has with her writing. It’s a little gritty and has the perfect amount of tension and suspense (some books take it too far and add too many twists). I’d love to work my way through all of her works!

4. Louise Gornall

Louise Gornall

I read Under Rose Tinted Skies in 2016 and it was my favourite book of the year! Such a realistic depiction of agoraphobia (imo) the rest of the plot was only so-so but for me the representation sold it and I felt like I wasn’t alone!

5. Marie Rutkoski

Marie Rutkoski

I read the Winners Trilogy back in 2015 and fell in love with it. I adored that the female protagonist was shown to be really intelligent and not just another “strong” woman or an amazing fighter. I loved the political intrigue and the romance. I’d really love to see how her other books hold up against this series.



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6 thoughts on “#T5W – 26th April

  1. I love finding an author who portrays their female characters as intelligent. It surprises me how rare it is. I haven’t read Marie Rutkoski but I’m going to go look her up. Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell mysteries (set in the Victorian era) also have an intelligent female lead and they are wonderful.

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    1. I definitely recommend the Winners Trilogy (First book is called The Winners Curse) lots of brilliant political intrigue and strategy etc. Thanks for letting me know about that series I’ll have to check it out


  2. “Charlotte Bronte wrote my all time favourite novel Jane Eyre. I know she had written a fair few other novels and I do really want to read them but I’m also worried I’ll hate them.”

    I haven’t read any of her other books either for this very reason. What could possibly live up to Jane Eyre? Did I tell you that I am contemplating a Jane Eyre tattoo soon?!

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