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Circus Mirandus – Cassie Beasley


22nd February to 5th April ~ Physical ~ Link to Goodreads

Circus Mirandus


Do you believe in magic?
Micah Tuttle does.
Even though his awful Great-Aunt Gertrudis doesn’t approve, Micah believes in the stories his dying Grandpa Ephraim tells him of the magical Circus Mirandus: the invisible tiger guarding the gates, the beautiful flying birdwoman, and the magician more powerful than any other—the Man Who Bends Light. Finally, Grandpa Ephraim offers proof. The Circus is real. And the Lightbender owes Ephraim a miracle. With his friend Jenny Mendoza in tow, Micah sets out to find the Circus and the man he believes will save his grandfather.
The only problem is, the Lightbender doesn’t want to keep his promise. And now it’s up to Micah to get the miracle he came for.


I brought this one a fair few months ago (possibly even some point in 2016) I love a circus featured in a book so add a bit of magic to the mix and you’re surely onto a winner, right?

Well, sadly for me this fell a little short. The circus is mentioned frequently throughout the beginning but it’s not really until the last quarter that we actually get to take a look around. The beginning was far too long for me and I think the reason is all the missed opportunities. The beginning could’ve been used to show you how strong Micah & his grandads bond was other than just telling us. Also instead of having Aunt Gertrudis cause obstacle after obstacle I think it would’ve been more interesting and impactful for her to do this once, maybe twice and then find a solution. There was a lot of going back and forth until the last quarter and it frustrated me because I really just wanted the story to move forward.

I did absolutely love the circus scenes and the mystery and intrigue around it. Every booth and character there was described so well I could see it all so clearly in my mind. As much as I loved the end though it wasn’t quite enough to bump my rating up higher or make up for all the issues I had with the start.

When I read children’s books or middle grade books I always ask myself if I would buy this for my sisters to read as they are 6 & 9. This is the first one I’ve read that I wouldn’t buy for them though, I think they would get a little bored before it got to the point. I think if more magic had been incorporated throughout and not just at the end I would’ve enjoyed it more and would’ve passed it down to them.

Overall: I was really underwhelmed by this one. I do think the end was pretty awesome but I was just really frustrated with how back and forth the beginning was. I think if a little more magic had been sprinkled in through the start & if we had seen a little more fleshing out of the characters I’d have enjoyed it a little more. It was just a little up thoughts


It has been a few weeks since I read this book but I don’t remember any characters or themes standing out as diverse in this book.

paw heartpaw heartpaw heart half

Have you read Circus Mirandus?

What books can you recommend with a circus?

Will you be giving this one a read in the future?

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