How I Rate


Thought I’d do a quick discussion post this Tuesday as things are still hectic and I forgot my list journal with all my blog post ideas – oops!

Over the past few months I’ve been looking at how I have rated books. When I’ve looked back it looks like I’ve given quite a few books I only feel meh about 4 or 5 stars. Does anyone else do this? Think they love a book rate it high then a month or so later realise you were just caught up in it and it was only really okay now you’ve thought about it. The prime example for me was probably when I saw I gave “Me Before You” 5 stars but after a few weeks I’d completely done a 180; after thinking about it a little longer I only saw it as a 2/2.5 star book.

I’ve decided to try and be stricter with my ratings in general because I think my reviews can sometimes be a little vague and I think I quite often come across as a fence-sitter. I’m going to start leaving it for at least one week after finishing write a review and put a star rating to it.

Sorry this has been a quick one I didn’t want to miss a usual posting day. I hope to be back to normal next week.

How often do you look over the way you rate?

Do you ever change your rating without re-reading?


One thought on “How I Rate

  1. I don’t typically do a 180, but I often will go up or down a star after mulling things over. After finishing a book, I typically wait a few days before rating it, unless of course my feelings are strong one way or another. I’ve also found that my star rating may change during my review when I have the opportunity to look more in depth into my feelings.

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