A Goodbye….Of Sorts

My blog will turn 1 year old in just under a month and it is with a very heavy heart that I’m saying goodbye…kind of.

I haven’t made the decision lightly and I won’t be away completely but going forward I won’t be posting half as much as I have tried to and I thought I owed it to your lovely lot to explain a little instead of disappearing.

I’ve felt this decision coming along for at least a month now and I have many reasons for this both personal and book related. Some of you may know that I suffer with depression and anxiety and in the past 3months I have been slipping down the steep slope from just dealing with one (anxiety) to dealing with both. I feel like there are quite a few things piling up on me from family members being in and out of hospital to being behind on my writing goals and blogging schedule. Some of these things are beyond my control but if I can unburden myself a little then I think I need to so I can take care of my family and myself.

Also when I first started I thought blogging would make my reading experience more fun but in recent months it’s just caused me more stress and anxiety. When I think of how far behind I am with reviews and how I’ve been struggling to keep to set days it makes me incredibly anxious. As

I also feel like blogging has impacted my reading and buying habits in a really negative way. I feel like since starting my blog I have brought more books than I usually would and in some cases thought more about how relevant or popular it was at the time rather than if it was going to be something I would enjoy. This means I’ve read loads more books I disliked than before I started blogging and it’s meant a massive increase in books I DNF too! I’ve also been feeling like what I have put out there isn’t really adding much to the conversation or isn’t that great quality wise.

I don’t want this post to sound so negative or like I’ve disliked having my blog. I have loved posting and talking to all you lovely people, I’ve made some great bookish friends (something I’m missing in my Real life. Going forward I’m going to post my reviews here and I might make some sporadic discussion posts & T5W but it wont be every week anymore. I think I’ll be posting here predominately for myself in the future and just hope that you guys still enjoy whatever I put out there.

I’ll still be watching what all you lovelies are up to and will still pop up in your comments from time to time but I just feel like a lot of things are changing for me and I need to look after myself before coming back full force. You’ll also still be able to find me over on twitter piping up about my current reads (Here)


One thought on “A Goodbye….Of Sorts

  1. Oh Kirsty! I am so sorry you have hit a bit of a rough patch. Please take all the time you need for your well being. As much as I am going to miss you around here, I also want what is best for you. I really hope you will reach out to me via Twitter DM, email, my blog, WHEREVER if you need to talk. Heck, I’ll give you my personal phone number if you need it!


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