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Love & You – Gretchen Gomez


4th April to 5th April ~ Kindle ~ Link to Goodreads

love, and you


one day i met a guy
who stole my heart,
we created a world
for ourselves.
and another day
he broke my heart
and shattered
my soul.

i took the tattered
pieces of this
broken soul and
became anew.

– here lies the hurting, the healing, and the learning

(please be advised this book has mature content)


I am usually in two minds about poetry books I either don’t quite get it or can’t relate to what the collection is trying to say and therefore don’t enjoy it or the collection strikes a deep cord in me and I adore it. This collection was certainly the latter!

The emotion and the rawness of the toxic relationship I think will feel reminiscent to a lot of girls/women out there. I went through a relationship that was so similar to this one that I felt like Gretchen had gone back in time, got inside my head and wrote out everything I was feeling.

I think whether you’ve been through it, going through it or know someone who has been it’s important to read this. The journey from dependent to independent is such an important one and is told so beautifully throughout this collection. I think it’s important more books are written like this and express the importance of looking inward to find their own self worth and never settle for less than they deserve.

I think the thing I loved the most about the collection was showing the back and forth of the time between being dependent and independent. I think some collections make it seem like a seamless straight forward journey but it isn’t always as easy as that. Sometimes even when you are starting to realise you’re important too and you are worth true love you still go back to the thing that is bad for you. Emotions have a funny way of blurring the lines and making you act contrary to how you feel.

Overall: This is such an important book because of the power in it’s honesty. It will speak loudly to people who have been through it but it could also educate young girls to find their self worth so they don’t have to go through a toxic relationship to do it.


paw heartpaw heartpaw heartpaw heart


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2 thoughts on “Love & You – Gretchen Gomez

  1. Wonderful review Kirsty!!! I’m so happy that Gretchen’s book resonated with you so much. I fall into the category of “know someone who has been through a toxic relationship” so it really helped me understand what my friend was going through. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t just leave. I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t let him go when it was over. After reading this, I got it.


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